Peterborough Member of Parliament Charged

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Peterborough MP

Peterborough’s Member of Parliament Dean Del Mastro

Peterborough’s member of Parliament Dean Del Mastro has been charged and will face trial in June 2014, with four offenses under Canada’s Election Act.  This follows a lengthy investigation related to cheques written and spending limits in the 2008 Federal Election and subsequently failing to provide correct information as requested for the investigation. Mr. Del Mastro denies the allegations against him and vows to fight them.  His first appearance on the charges was in the Peterborough criminal court on November 7, 2013.   Mr. Del Mastro is defended by local lawyer Jeff Ayotte who appeared as agent for Mr. Del Mastro who did not attend.  The case was put over until December 4th. On December 4th trial dates were set with the trial to begin on June 23 and if necessary to continue into the month of July.

Peterborough’s Member of Parliament has left the Conservative Caucus in Parliament while charges are pending and he has indicated he intends to sit as an Independent Member of Parliament who will vote with the Government. He has been removed as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, and for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario. He has lost the $16,000 annual salary that goes with the parliamentary secretary job. While continuing as Member of Parliament for Peterborough, Mr. Del Mastro will still receive his $160,200 salary for being a Member of Parliament in Canada.  Dean Del Mastro continues to operate his Constituency Office and his website   The website correctly refers to work as Parliamentary Secretary in the past tense and does not refer to any party affiliation although it clearly puts forward support for accomplishments of the Harper Government. is an independent website which expresses no political views but welcomes your opinions on issues relevant to the Peterborough community.  In our Poll we asked if it is best for Mr. Del Mastro to resign or continue as Peterborough’s representative in Canada’s Parliament.

39 people voted on whether Dean Del Mastro should resign his seat in Parliament now, if convicted, or not at all.  We kept the poll as neutral as possible. Abuse of the poll was possible but did not appear to happen.  We did not require voters in the Poll to be Peterborough residents. IP addresses of voters were monitored to help with the honesty of the poll. Voting ended October 31, 2013. Twenty five voted that Mr. Del Mastro should resign now and ten voted that he should resign if convicted. Nobody voted that he should not resign.  There were four comments instead of votes, half of which were negative about Mr. Del Mastro and not appropriate for publication, and half appeared to be spam not responsive to the question in any way.  Obviously Mr. Del Mastro has made his decision to stay on in Parliament as an independent member while the charges are pending and we will see what happens next summer after they are resolved.